Overview of Global

Global is committed to proving low cost, social and environmentally responsible fuel sources to the world. Global's commitment extends into the field where we focus feedstock development and corresponding R&D efforts on crops that do not compete with food and avoid the critical food vs. fuel debate with which many other development efforts are confronted. For biofuels to deliver on their promise of sustainability, certain feedstocks and growing conditions must be met. As the first novel crop grower to be certified by the leading biofuels sustainability standard, Global has demonstrated that second generation feedstocks can achieve commercial acceptance and play an important role in moving away from petroleum- and food-based fuels.

Global and its subsidiaries have provided feedstock and finished fuel products to the U.S. Military, major international airlines, paint companies, chemical manufacturers, nutraceutical producers, biofuel refineries and animal feed distributors. Our oils and meal have been approved by the US EPA, USDA, FDA, CA ARB and others for various markets and biofuel regulations. Test quantities have been verified to produce ASTM quality final fuel products with market leading chemical and biofuels companies. 


Global and its operating companies have produced crops in more than 25 U.S. states, Canada, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Belize. Biomass-based waste and presscake has been turned into renewable charcoal and sold into drastically undersupplied local and regional markets, thereby reducing the demand for illegal wood char and associated deforestation. Meal, which results when oil is separated from the seed's biomass, has been approved and sold to industry leading poultry producers in the Northwest, Midwest and Southern U.S. 

Feedstock Attributes

  • Non-food based
  • Economic without subsidies
  • All market & regulatory approvals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low direct and indirect emissions
  • Rural and farmer employment
  • Geographic distribution (tropical, semi-tropical & temperate climates)
  • Market acceptance and scalable

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